Our Philosophy

The more people we happen to meet at our courses the more we believe that German isn’t a language that one must learn on in it’s own in a rough and lonesome process.

We understand that lessons must be dynamic with clear goals and result oriented.

Our lessons are structured according to the necessities and goals of each and every language level always stimulating the interaction during class between both: students and teachers.

Along with our courses we offer regular meetings in which students get to know native speakers and also get the chance to chat with them in an relaxed and friendly atmosphere. These regular meetings are called Sprachtraining and they constitute the ultimate opportunity to practice what we learn and get acquainted with the language.

Although it is an online course, we try our best to transcend the screen. How do we manage to do so? We encourage as much as possible students to participate in class and we make sure that we work with appropriate materials for an online course.